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Re: Problem when run in Jetty or Tomcat

James Reeves Dec 21, 2012 2:39 PM
Posted in group: Compojure
The :uri key is always the URI passed to the web server, even if your application is deployed via a war in some subpath. If you want the context-specific path, try the :path-info key.

Alternatively, just add a route:

    (GET "/" [] (io/resource "public/index.html"))

There's no need to resort to middleware in this case.

- James

On 21 December 2012 21:44, Tom Vaughan <> wrote:

Does anyone have an idea why the `update-in` call here:

would work under ring but not under Jetty or Tomcat?

I can run `lein ring server` without problem. But when I load a .war produced by `lein ring uberwar` in Jetty or Tomcat I can see this this is being called and `:uri` is being updated within this wrapper, but any subsequent wrappers get the origin, unmodified value of just "/". Of course the problem may not be `update-in` but the problem appears to be that the result of update-in doesn't "stick".



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