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asigning a certain command to a certain keyboard key

Stephane CHAZELAS Nov 23, 2003 9:06 AM
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2003-11-23, 06:25(-08), John Green:
> Using bash 2.05b in an xterm under Mandrake Linux 8.2.
> As an experiment, I tried to make the F1 key
> execute a clear command.  The Ctrl-V trick
> showed that F1 generates ^[OP
> I tried lots of different bind commands, which were accepted without
> protest.  However, pressing F1 at the command prompt afterwards
> just gives this error.
> bash_execute_unix_command: cannot find keymap for command

bash key mapping handling is mostly bogus. You may have more
chance with:

bind -x $'"\201":clear'
bind '"\eOP":'$'"\201"'

Troubles begin as soon as there's one binding for a char
sequence, that gets even worse with "-x".

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