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Re: Student skill levels

Andreas Eder Apr 13, 2012 9:57 AM
Posted in group: comp.text.tex
>>>>> "javax" == javax swing JSnarker <> writes:

    javax> Now, if you ask me, the ideal UI would be an Explorer-like window with
    javax> a little minibuffer added at the bottom that acts like a command
    javax> prompt with that window's location in the filesystem as its current
    javax> directory. (The cwd command there would, of course, make the whole
    javax> window and not just the prompt go to the new directory.) Best of both
    javax> worlds, then, as it would obviate the need to copy and paste the
    javax> pathname in some instances, or to start a separate command interpreter
    javax> window.

This - and a lot more - you could have on the Lisp Machine in the
Those were the times.

ceterum censeo redmondinem esse delendam.