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Re: getting ppt figures into LaTeX

Hendrik van Hees Apr 10, 2012 11:32 PM
Posted in group: comp.text.tex
On 10/04/12 22:08, Russ P. wrote:
> Can someone tell me the best way to get Powerpoint figures into LaTeX?
> I normally use eps figures (from xfig) in LaTeX, so that would be
> preferable but is not absolutely necessary. I googled it, but
> everything that comes up all seems to be either very old or plagued
> with unresolved issues. Thanks.

Of course, "powerpoint figures" are pixel graphics and not vector
graphics, which is bad in the first place. So it's usually better to
avoid to use them in (La)TeX documents.

In the case that I cannot get a vector graphics format of the figures, I
usually save them as png and put them into LaTeX directly, using
pdflatex to set the document. The same I do if I need a figure within a
pdf file, which I can't extract in a vector format: I just magnify it as
much as I can in okular, then cut it out, and save it as png.

It's always a good idea to set a tight bounding box. Usually this works
well with the auto-crop feature of gimp.

Hendrik van Hees
Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies
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