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Witchaven - Stuck @lvl25

IntraCorp Entertainment Dec 7, 1995 12:00 AM
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On 7 Dec 1995 23:28:00 +1100, (Jeff
Brewer) wrote:

>Howdy all,
>I am seriously stuck on level 25 - I think - of Witchaven.  This is the
>level where the Witch always is, and I cannot find the Pentagram for the
>next level.  
>First off, is there a next level, or is this the finale?
>Second, how do you kill her?  I have tried my entire arsenal against her,
>short of the Nuke spell, which I am currently out of.  I have killed just
>about everything else on the level with the exception of the witch, she
>steals my weapons and armour, then kills me out of hand...
>Any advice appreciated...
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Level 25 is the final single player level.  Levels 30-35 are

Anyway, the witch is the pentagram.  You must kill her to finish the
game.  Try drinking strength and health potions while hacking at her
with your broadsword.  It'll take many whacks but you'll eventually
kill her.  If you've any other questions, let me know.
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