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Alpine 2.10 Released! Jan 16, 2013 10:08 PM
Posted in group: comp.mail.pine
Dear Alpine Community,

After four years of the last release of Alpine, and given that the re-
alpine project has not advanced much since then, I am gathering part
of my work in patches for Alpine and releasing version 2.10 of Alpine.
This work is released under the Apache License 2.0. In order to build
you will need OpenSSL 1.0 or above.

Links to the source code and Windows binaries are:

Source Code

Windows Binary:

Release Main Page

This new version includes most of the bug fixes reported in public
to date, as well as new features.

Additions include:

 * Quota report for IMAP folders that support it (press the "@"
command in    the index screen of such folder).
 * Search a folder for the content of any header with the ";" command.
 * Foreign characters are decoded correctly in IMAP folder names.
 * Question about breaking connection to slow servers includes their
 * Internal x-alpine-help: resource locator for sending links to
 * OpenSuse: Alpine find location of OpenSSL certificates.
 * Cygwin: Alpine builds without need of patch.
 * Recognition of proper mime type for docx, xlsx, and pptx files.
* When composing a message, Alpine will create a new thread when the
   subject is erased.
 * Add support for strong encryption of password file when S/MIME is

Bugs that have been addressed include:

 *  Alpine will close a folder after confirming with user their
    and not reopen it.
 *  Double allocation of memory in Pico.
 *  Alpine does not give warning of message sent and posted upon
    by email of message posted in newsgroup.
 *  Handling of STYLE html parameter may make Alpine not display the
    content of a message.
 *  Not recognition of environment variables in some options.
 *  Not display of login prompt during initial keystrokes.
*  justification of long urls breaks them.
*  Incorrect New Mail message when envelope is not available.
*  Inorrect display of PREFDATE, PREFDATETIME and PREFTIME tokens.
*  Crash when resizing the screen after display of LDAP search.
*  Crash when redrawing screen while opening a remote folder
*  Infinite loop in scrolltool function during notification of new
*  No repaint of the screen was done when the SMARTDATE token is used
in the index screen after midnight.
*  No display of signed and encrypted S/MIME messages.
*  Alpine will not build with OpenSSL.
*  Crash for double locking in calls to c-client.
*  Bad recognition of mime-encoded text may make Alpine not print the
   subject of a message.
*  Ignore the references header when threading messages
*  No update of colors in index screen after update to addressbook.

I will be shifting my development efforts by releasing updates to
Alpine in the future. I have integrated some of the old patches -
mainly bug fixes - and will be adding more in the future, while at the
same time I will need to modify Alpine so I can integrate other
projects in the future.

As an added bonus, there are some new spinners for your amusement
when Alpine takes too long to complete an operation.

In terms of versioning, I intend to number versions so that these do
not collide with the efforts in the re-alpine project. In that way it
will be easy to figure out which software has a bug when it is

Please test it and let me know any problems that you find with it.

Thank you.