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A new Common Lisp compiler/interpreter

Douglas R. Miles/LogicMoo Nov 11, 2017 1:08 PM
Posted in group: comp.lang.prolog

 A new Common Lisp compiler/interpreter

   About this Lisp:

* Translates Lisp source files into Prolog source files.  ( compilation is done to Translated source)

* At the REPL, forms are converted from Lisp to Prolog then call/1d
Being written as an SWI-Prolog "pack"

* Continue to ensure can run in YAP (which Lisp to Prolog benchmarking shows about 4x speedup)

* One small code so far seems to run much faster than ECL, ABCL, CLISP  but about ¼ the speed of SBCL

* Picks up freebies .. whatever the host prolog system offers such as
**Makes  Executables and. So files
**Garbage Collection
**Embedding (from C/C++/Python/C#/Mono/Java)

* Gives back OO to Prolog programmers .. to keep later copy_term's cheap, it passes entire object references as atoms  (nb_current/2 allows access to the object's property map)

Roadmap Items
*Expect to pass most all CL-ANSI tests
*Using SWICLI as FFI (SWICLI itself still needs work)

   I've only spent a week on it ...    I hope to recruit people that seem to know both Lisp and Prolog languages.

       The main purpose is this impl is it to run prolog-in-lisp 1000x  faster than the fastest lisps (like SBCL)
    Be at least in the top 3 impls for speed …   Also the type of lisp programs I like to run (SWALE, DAYDREAMER) are buggy partial impl of Greenspun's rule as applied to Prolog (Instead of Lisp)

- Douglas Miles