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Re: Help me do the right DOM thing.

Randy Webb Nov 3, 2006 12:26 PM
Posted in group: comp.lang.javascript
VK said the following on 11/3/2006 2:12 PM:
>> Indeed, the name of the function is loadJSFile instead of createJSFile.
> That's much better: the link is found, your priority is confirmed :-)
> - though I indeed just saw it for the first time.

That I don't doubt (you seeing it for the first time).

>> Ahh, the VK "UA anyone should be bothered about". Can you give a
>> comprehensive list of modern UA's? I bet you can't.
> A list of UA's anyone should check against for particularities before
> releasing a solution? A list anyone would agree on? You must be
> kidding.

But you alluded to "Any UA anyone should be bothered about" and to be
able to say that you must have some criteria that a UA must meet to be
included in that list.

> Even if Holy Mary would come here with such list she would
> have to run away in one minute: saving herself from a stream of
> profanities.

Precisely my point.

> I can only name the UA's considered monetary important to check
> against: by myself and by the small outsourced company I'm running.
> These are:
>  IE 6.0 SP1
>  IE 7.0
>  Firefox 1.5

You may want to update that to FF2.0

>  Camino 1.0.3
> + UA's used by CEO and CFO of the company placing the order (if not in
> the list).

And how do you determine that? Ask them or browser detection? Think
about that one.

> The latter is the most important one after IE 6.0, I'm always trying to
> find a reason (portfolio demonstration is a good one) to check if there
> is something "conceptual" in there.

The latter should be the first one on your list if you are trying to
please the people signing the check.

Comprehensive list? Any browser/UA that will support what you are trying
to do. And you determine that list via object detection and you don't
care what the browser/UA is.

> There are also "sport vehicle" UA's, it means I bother to look at them
> if I have some free time and nothing better to do. These are:
>  Opera 9.02
>  Netscape 8.1.2 (majorly for nostalgic issues, so besides free time it
> has to be a rainy day and a bad mood).

NS8 is built on the IE engine and the Mozilla engine so testing in
Mozilla and IE *should* satisfy NS8.

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