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Mentifex Apr 4, 2012 11:04 AM
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On Apr 4, 4:19 am, Mark Wills <> wrote:
> ...but is it the story of Forth?
> Enjoy.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> A Forth Story
> Allen Cekorich
> Walnut Creek, California
> Forth Dimensions, July/August 1995
> [...]
> Sometime in the eighties, I got it in my head that Forth could be
> applied to build fast demodulators, especially since the advent of
> Forth chips. I convinced George Pavlath to send me to a company called
> Novix to check out a Forth-based CPU. It was on this trip that I met
> Charles Moore. He and I talked for half an hour about possibilities. I
> had a hard time believing that this was the creator of Forth. I played
> with a Novix development system, unaware that the chip was not yet
> real, in the sense that one could not buy one. In truth, I felt I was
> sticking my neck out by suggesting a Forth design when other engineers
> wanted my head for what I had accomplished in the testing area. The
> reality was, it did not matter - I ordered a Novix chip which was
> never delivered, since the company eventually folded. I felt relieved.
> I went on to work with DSP processors such as the TMS320C25, which
> were now capable of implementing complex demodulation designs and
> provided me with new areas to explore.

What a fascinating backstory! Thank you for sharing.

Mentifex (Arthur)