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Re: Richard Harter

Tim Rentsch May 7, 2012 4:38 PM
Posted in group: comp.lang.c (Richard Harter) writes:

> To all who have corresponded with Richard over the years.  
> March 18 Richard became very ill and I (Deb) his wife took him to
> the Emergency Room.  Richard went through a very difficult month
> in the ICU and then was taken off the ventilator and dialysis.
> We then went to Dougherty Hospice House where he peacefully slipped
> away April 20, 2012.  
> I don't know his newsgroup corresponders but I wanted you all to know
> why he has quit corresponding.  

In addition to postings in the newsgroup, I also exchanged
an email or two with Richard over the years.  Pretty much
at a loss for words.  I sent a personal note to his old
email address (which hasn't bounced), hopefully that will
get through to someone.  My sympathies to Deb, and thank
you to everyone else who responded to the note here.