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Possible Juvenile Krieder's / Lakewood-Jeffco

Dave Cameron Apr 8, 2012 9:05 PM
Posted in group: Colorado Birds
On a walk around Main Reservoir today (Kipling and Florida), Deb and I saw a large, entirely white-headed raptor, with dark moustachial stripes like a falcon today.  We were on the Kipling side of the res, looking down at the tops of the light poles this bird was flying one-to-the-next, for a while.  When perched, the tail looked narrow, was tan with thin dark barring.  At first it seemed like a large falcon, too large for a Prairie, and the facial stripes lent to this thought, but further inspection showed obvious white scapulars, suggesting red-tail.  We never got a look at the underside or breast, given our vantage, nor did it vocalize, so we settled on Red-tail based on the backpack straps, and a juvenile based on the tail and its erratic behavior of hopping impatiently from pole to pole every minute or so.  Planning to go back tomorrow in hopes of better looks.
Dave Cameron