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Re: Is Map/Reduce going mainstream?

Ray Nugent Aug 26, 2008 7:43 PM
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Interesting if not a little over hyped. I'm not sure three of four implementations on top of it could be termed "a Rich Ecosystem". But certainly a step in the right - concurrent - direction. While it appears to be able to span machine and clusters does anyone know if it can span cores within a machine or do I need a concurrent language to achieve that?

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A friend of mine wrote on this topic recently:


I've been getting lots of private messages, seems that there are a lot of shy readers on this list. There are no stupid questions or comments, please feel free to jump into the fray.

A few people have pointed me to a map/reduce like research project microsoft is working on called Dryad. Dryad is an infrastructure which allows a programmer to use the resources of a computer cluster or a data center for running data-parallel programs. A Dryad programmer can use thousands of machines, each of them with multiple processors or cores, without knowing anything about concurrent programming.

Check it out at