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Re: Destructuring syntax

Jeb Jan 5, 2012 7:53 AM
Posted in group: Clojure
"Joy of Clojure" adds a second reason for this:

"The second reason is because it allows us to conjure up other destructuring features by using forms that would otherwise make no sense. Because the item on the left of each pair will be a new local name, it must be a symbol or possibly a nested destructuring form. But one thing it can’t be is a keyword, unless the keyword is a specially supported feature such as :keys, :strs, :syms, :as, and :or."

On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 7:20 PM, Matthew Boston <> wrote:
I'm with Alex. I think of it as though it's a let binding, cause
that's basically what's happening; the is bound to the scoped name.

On Jan 4, 11:29 am, Alex Miller <> wrote:
> I had the same thought when I first started learning Clojure - I think
> the idea is that there is some nice mental resonance when
> destructuring matches up to your mental model of the data structure
> (it's literal form).  In sequential destructuring, that holds but in
> maps it doesn't so things look "backwards".  I think the way I've come
> to understand it is that when doing a let-style binding, the thing
> being bound is always "on the left" so when destructuring a map, you
> specify the variable, then the key which is looked up to provide the
> value.
> On Jan 4, 12:36 am, Johnny Weng Luu <> wrote:
> > One thing that seems weird is the way Clojure destructures a map
> > I have this map: {:last-name "Vinge" :first-name "Vernor"} which is passed
> > to this function: (defn greet-author-2 [{fname :first-name}] ... )
> > Wouldn't it be better doing: (defn greet-author-2 [{:first-name fname}] ...
> > )
> > You first type the keyword, then followed by the parameter to bind to. It
> > reads that the value is bound to the parameter in the same place.
> > Feels more natural to me in a way.
> > Thoughts?

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Jeb Beich