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pepijn (aka fliebel) Nov 23, 2011 8:12 AM
Posted in group: Clojure Dev

What is the status of data.xml, and how can I help?

Much of the effort so far seems to have been put into parsing XML, I
spend the last couple of days and a couple of days a while back
implementing the generation of XML, especially with support for

This work currently lives under
but I'd be happy to contribute it to core.xml instead, or work with
what's there, depending on the state of the current code[2].

One philosophical difference I should point out is that core.xml seems
to use [tag attr content] for syntax, while I use ^{attr} [tag
content], since attributes are in fact exactly that, meta data.


[2]: at frist glance, mine doesn't have 20-line functions.