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Re: [noir] Moving away from Noir

Chris Granger Dec 13, 2012 3:52 PM
Posted in group: clj-noir
Just to tack on here: If you're using Noir now, don't worry, everything is fine - 1.3.0 has been officially released and it's not going anywhere. There's nothing wrong with what's out there now, it's just that 1.3.0 will likely be the last release unless someone wanted to keep moving it forward. As time goes on, it likely makes sense to transition, but fortunately transitioning is pretty straightforward and Raynes can point to the commits he used to do that for Refheap. Ultimately, lib-noir + compojure gives a lot more flexibility when it comes to things like middleware at a relatively slight cost to ease of starting. Noir has always used compojure under the covers and so you'll find that most everything you've learned so far will map over pretty cleanly.

When I started the project about two years ago, the Clojure web landscape looked quite a bit different and getting started was an incredibly painful process. Compojure had just split into a bunch of different pieces, there was this new "ring" thing, and trying to cobble everything together was a pretty daunting task. Since then, the Clojure web ecosystem has matured quite a bit and lib-noir fits very nicely into the direction the community is ultimately heading in. Noir still serves its purpose as a solid starting point for people who just want to get up and go with Clojure on the web, but I've also come to the conclusion that what we have now is just a baby step toward what we *could* be doing on the web. There are far better solutions waiting out there for Clojure, ones that don't just look like a standard http wrapper, and that's what we should be ultimately moving toward. We have the fundamental building blocks to build websites, it's time we start pushing the state of the art.

I'm excited to see what we, the community, come up with.


On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 3:23 PM, Anthony Grimes <> wrote:
Chris and I have decided to ask people to focus on Compojure and the lib-noir library (I myself have been doing this for a while now) instead of Noir. This is an announcement that Noir is not really going to be maintained anymore, and is a sort of deprecation notice. I wrote a blog post to help explain how I feel and what is happening. Please read.