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Re: Can't play purchased movies from Google Play?

techlink Mar 17, 2012 7:23 AM
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This posting is for Melissa Daniels...  I communicated today, 3/17, with Shane from the Google Play Support Team. He initially responded to me as if I were using a PC, and asked me if I had installed the latest Google Play Update. I thereafter responded back to him and let him know he really ought to fully read what users post in their support emails. I told him, again, that I was using a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook - and that I and others keep getting the following error when attempting to play movies through Google Play... "Browser is incompatible with rentals and purchases." Lastly, he sent me an email and refunded $1.07 back to me, and stated that currently the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is incompatible with Google Play movies.

This guy totally missed the entire point of my support email. I don't really give a rip about the $1.07 he refunded back to me, but rather I am more interested in knowing when the Chrome OS will be supported through Google Play for movie playback. I have used the Chrome OS from the very beginning, and a general lack of good communication from Google and the Chromium organization drives me absolutely crazy. Too many support and customer service personnel who work for Google/Chromium act like they don't even know what the Chrome OS is, or for that matter - what is does differently.

Is there a bug established for the playback problem, and if so - what's the number - so I and others can track its progress.

I would really appreciate an intelligent response to the questions that have been raised regarding the Chromebook Google Play movie problem.