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Re: New Chromebook owners: share your first impressions!

jacob Jan 16, 2012 9:56 AM
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It shows the network i am using and then it tells me to "browse as a guest" and go to any web page to go to the network sign-in page (i know what this what you get when use free wifi at an airport or something) and thenn accept the network terms of service or whatever and then it says i should be able to login to my chromebook, but i am using wifi at my house so there is no sign-in page. I can use the internet just fine. This works fine, except that it is guest mode so i cant download apps/extensions from the chrome web store or access bookmarks and everything else that is on chrome sync. 

One idea that i had would be to go to a public free wifi network that actually has one of these sign-in pages (starbucks would have that, wouldnt it???). I was just thinking that may work because I would actually have to accept the terms or whatever. Do you think that may work?