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Re: Chromebook guru program?

Mac Beach Jun 23, 2011 6:39 PM
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That's the first outdoor unboxing I've ever seen.  Good work.

Regarding the fact that the box had already been opened, here is a theory...

Wozniak a while back did a blog post I think where he pointed out that "free" gifts given out at conferences are taxable.   Now people in his wealth class probably shouldn't need to worry about such things, but other do.  So it's quite possible that Google got some of these things back not because there was anything wrong with them but because for one reason or another the recipient saw no need for the device and didn't want to potentially add a hundred dollars or so to their tax bill for something they would never use.

Of course there are other explanations too.  But that's my best guess.

On Thursday, June 23, 2011 6:55:23 PM UTC-4, Burns Johansson wrote:
If anyone is interested I just uploaded my unboxing video to youtube.

Sorry for the crappy quality.

On Tuesday, June 21, 2011 5:46:56 PM UTC-7, Jason C wrote:
I was just curious who else got this invite?

It game from Melissa's @Google email and if I weren't laying down I'm sure I would have been floored.  Link that was in the e-mail has been removed.

Hi Jason!

Over the past few months, youve gone above and beyond in the Chrome Notebook Pilot Forum-- providing amazing feedback, helping others understand the vision and have truly been a champion for Chrome OS. Your involvement and feedback truly stood out from the rest-- you were constantly engaged, willing to test, and passionate about what were doing. Weve said it before and well say it again-- we couldnt have done it without you.

Thats why we want to invite you to be a Chromebook guru. As a part of the Chromebook guru program, we will be giving out Chromebooks to a very small and select group of pilot users. The goal of this program is to extend the pilot spirit to all of the Chromebooks in our family and to help spread the word organically.

Were eager to hear your feedback on the new device, and also hope that youll share it (both the device and your feedback!) with your friends and family. As a member of this program, youre not under NDA, so youre free to post any tips and tricks you come across in the forum, or any social networking sites you love-- and, of course, share your thoughts and post a review (or an unboxing!) on these sites as well. As pilot users we know that you have a deep understanding of your Chromebook (and know who would love to take one home!) so we hope that youll help others decide if this is right for them and help explain the benefits and tradeoffs of Chromebooks to the world.

To get the ball rolling, please update your address here so we can begin shipping your device. Have additional questions? Shoot me an email!

So, congratulations! We really cant thank you enough for being such an positive and influential part of the pilot program.

-Melissa & The Chrome Team