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Re: Big up to date check in ccr

Benjamin Martinez Apr 6, 2011 9:50 AM
Posted in group: Chakra Community Repo
Hi I have updated mine ^_^

2011/4/6 Daniele Cocca <>
Aaah, so that's why I was getting spam! :P
Joking :) I've almost finished updating the packages you've flagged. It
only remains eduke32.
I deleted two of the ones you flagged (haskell-platform and
ghc-precompiled-binary), since we now have those, in the form of split
packages, in the main repositories. They didn't get any vote, and were
probably useful only for the bootstrapping phase.


On 06/04/2011 00:34, WillingMagic wrote:
> Today I check about ~500 packages to be up to date.

Quise cambiar el mundo y no lo logre....
Cambie yo y todo cambio.....