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Re: gavino

aiju Nov 13, 2011 4:20 AM
Posted in group: cat-v
> Hi there,
> I noticed the user gavino posting a bunch of irrelevant links to this
> discussion group. On the one hand those messages end up in my spam
> folder. On the other hand I try to reduce my spam occurrence (quite
> succesfully), so I'm in favor to at least requiring a personal
> statement in the future if someone asks us about random stuff.
> Example:
> What does cat-v think about
> [Required part that a message is not removed/declared as spam begins
> here]
> In my opinion emerges as the next big spamming framework
> for all interested spammers. It offers all the tools written in an
> excellent mixture of the programming languages JavaScript, Java, C++,
> C and a good portion of Haskell and C# as well.
> I think this framework could replace the so-far standard 9P due to its
> incredible complexity.
> [Required part ends here]
> Without such a personal statement, the cat-v community has to open
> some link and reading the content. Having a personal statement enables
> us to guess what the link will point to and to form a valid opinion
> already just based on the vagueness of a personal statement.

This is pointless, people will just spew bullshit. The real way is to just ban folks like gavino who
just spam the group.