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How we handle chronic abuse by scripts checking for upates to the files.

GaryK May 17, 2012 11:06 AM
Posted in group: browscap
Our Terms of Use state you can check for updates once a day.

If your script checks our site for updates more than 100 times in 24 hours it will be blocked for 24 hours. You must stop checking for updates to reset this timer otherwise it will continue to increment with each check until it hits the 1,000 checks threshold.

When your script hits the 1,000 checks threshold in 24 hours it will be automatically and permanently banned.

Sometimes these scripts run at just below 1,000 checks per 24 hours and don't get caught by our automated abuse mitigation procedures—at least not beyond the aforementioned 24 hour block. We do keep an eye on these abuses though and if it's chronic enough (meaning hundreds of checks per day for days on end) we will permanently ban you.

We just banned about 15 IP Addresses for chronic abuse.

We really wish people wouldn't change the update interval settings in the popular scripts they use to check for updates to the files.

Obviously these people don't have a clue what they're doing or they wouldn't be telling their script to check 1,000+ times a day for an update that typically happens less than once a week!

We don't have much sympathy when it comes to requests to be unbanned because the act that led to the ban was intentional and malicious!

Still, if it's your first ban and you can convince us you've taken steps to correct the condition that led to the abuse we will usually unban you.