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April 9th - Code Reading Game - TestNG

Zach Mar 27, 2012 1:38 PM
Posted in group: Boston Software Craftsmanship
Hi All,

April 9th @ Icosystem we're going to do a code reading exercise! Here's the plan
1) Each person is going to do a solo review of the code to see if they can get a sense of the overall design / architecture
2) We're going to go around in a circle and have each person give a little presentation of what they discovered.
3) In a discussion we divide and conquer, breaking up the code base into different pieces for each of us to investigate. And we get 10-15 minutes for the investigation
4) Another discussion to explain your piece

The main question we'll be asking in this session is how good were your initial readings / assumptions on how the codebase was organized. 

I'm going to recommend we use TestNG My thinking is it's a domain we're all familiar with, but probably a testing library + approach we're not intimate with. Because this is the first time we're trying this exercise I feel that starting with an "easier" domain might allow us better success.


Thanks! And this should be fun... I hope :)