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SOS! Everything Seems To Go Wrong After I've Added A Header & Changed Blogger Template!

Shirley Tay Jul 22, 2012 1:45 AM
Posted in group: Blogger Developer Group
I've changed my template using one of bloggers default ones & also added a pix to my header on 19 Jul. That's when things start to go wrong. Various social media sites like Google+, Digg can't seem to capture my thumbnails. Digg returned with an error msg saying they can't crawl to my blog. I've attached screenshots. The LinkWithin widget in my blog is also not displaying thumbnails like it used to. 

I need your expertise as I'm not tech savvy to look into html codes etc to see what's wrong. Initially, I thought Google takes time to crawl  but It's the 3rd day already :< Many thanks!