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[ADVICE] Comments & Icons

Christiaan Gieles Mar 29, 2012 9:37 AM
Posted in group: Blogger Developer Group
The Blogger documentation is bad. It sadly just is. 
It isn't just badly documented. It's HORRIBLY documented.
It's one of the reasons, alot of Blogger sites don't look all that great I'd wager, cause you gotta go trough SEVERAL days/weeks of painful trial and error to get the feel you want.

As for me, I got a nice cute problem, while building a design for my site, where 'aria-hidden' and some weird icon class is intereferring with my icon class, for other stuff, that I can't even modify. The combination of the two - has made IcoMoon spam symbols, sadly, making my comments look horrible. 

- Check after the username, in the comments.
- Line of icons caused by me being unable to find out where to remove/rename that class that is causing the problem
- (<span class="icon user blog-author" style="display: inline-block; "><span aria-hidden="true">undefined</span></span> ) <-- THE PROBLEM
- I have NO idea where this class comes from.
- I do HOWEVER, know which of MY classes is interefering with it, I'd just rather not have to rename my icon classes, I'd rather deal with the problem in Blogger's code.
- If you have any bright ideas, on how to fix this minor issue, I'd be most grateful.

Cause I'd really like to get Threaded comments onto the page, and such, but I have no idea where I've gone awry and fudged it up. Any assistance and advice would be great. Hell - if you wanna see the RELEVANT code for the comment sections, let me know, and I'll copy paste some.

Christiaan Gieles