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Upgraded to, entries show on blog, but not in admin

Adrian Moreno Nov 15, 2011 10:30 PM
Posted in group: BlogCFC
Ok, I created a new database, ran the SQL (MySQL), then ran the INSERTs from my current blog's export. I only had to change the SQL for tblblogentriesrelated since there's no longer an 'id' column.

I didn't import my record from 'tblusers' since I knew that there was a hashed password now. So I just logged into the admin, changed the password, then went into the DB and changed tblusers.username to my previous username.

I then went into 'tbluserroles' and updated the username related to the Admin role to match tblusers.username. Did the same with 'tblblogentries'.

The public blog displays all of my existing blog entries and if I click one, I see the entry. However, the tag cloud does not show all of my current categories. It shows only 6, where my current site shows ~30. Maybe that's a change in default settings, I'm not sure. Anyway, when I log into the admin section, the only post that shows up is the one post that I had never released. All of the released entries do not show on the "Entries" page, but if I create a new one, they show up in Related Entries after I select a category.

I created a test entry and it shows up on the "Entries" page, but it's marked as Not Released. I thought having the Admin role associated to my user gave me full permissions.

I'm _this_ close to having my new site ready to go. Any ideas what I'm missing? Thanks.