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Re: [beagleboard] Trying to update X-Loader and U-Boot on Classic BeagleBoard

Maksym Parkachov Jun 18, 2012 10:52 AM
Posted in group: BeagleBoard
Hi Tom,

> How are you flashing the MLO and u-boot.img (NOT u-boot.bin) file to NAND
> from the current builds?  The only change in the instructions is to use
> u-boot.img rather than u-boot.bin when writing to flash.

I'm using instructions from
Well, I did change the name of the u-boot. And there is no errors
during the flash process.
It's after restart, right at the moment when MLO should be starting,
I've got the error: "Error: Bad compare! failed". Flashing old MLO and
old u-boot works fine.

I remember there actually was 2 version of x-loader, with 2 or 3 byte
difference depending on where it's going to be used from card or from
flash, but I don't see this with new x-loader. Could be something like
this generating problem ?


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