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Re: Beagleboard xM - SPI

Vasilis Feb 2, 2012 4:15 PM
Posted in group: BeagleBoard
I created a folder which, after configuration, contains openembedded,
bitbake, pixhawk and build subfolders. Then I tried to bitbake x-load
but keeps sending a parsing error message. As for the demo beagleboard
repository I linked, there is a uImage of 3.0.17 kernel but when I
download the rootfs, under /boot directory there is a 2.6.32 uImage.
This is what confuses me...Thanks for your patience!

On Feb 3, 2:05 am, Brian Hutchinson <> wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 6:55 PM, Vasilis <> wrote:
> > Hello again! I didn't make it out with OpenEmbedded as I get parsing
> > errors when I am trying to build the MLO file...Seriously is this the
> > only way I can get SPI working? I saw that in Beagleboard demo files
> > ( there is a new
> > kernel (3.0.17)... Can I take advantage of that and build somehow a
> > new kernel?
> If it includes the source for the kernel and a cross toolchain to
> rebuild it ... then yes.  If it is just a kernel image, then no ...
> unless someone registered a SPI platform driver in the image.  If you
> do a ls of /dev/ and see a device called spidevX.X then the kernel has
> a SPI driver configured (now you have to figure out which pins it is
> using).  If you don't see that then you have to modify the kernel code
> to register the SPI driver (the elinux SPI example) so the device
> shows up in /dev for your userspace app to use.
> So with OE, you got to the point where you had all the repos cloned
> and an environment setup and were able to do something like bitbake
> console-image and MLO failed to build?
> Regards,
> Brian