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Ian Seyler Apr 30, 2013 9:59 AM
Posted in group: BareMetal OS
After much work (and a very long hiatus) BareMetal OS has finally been updated!

The biggest changes:
- Re-org of code and API
- Native SATA support
- Updated C library
- BMFS (BareMetal File System)

VirtualBox is the only virtualization software that can correctly run BareMetal OS. Other software (VMware, QEMU, Bochs, etc) do not support SATA for guest operating systems.

There is one issue in 0.6.0 that I didn't fix in time for the release. NewLib is somewhat buggy as I think the sbrk() implementation is not correct. More details are here:

Moving forward to 0.7.0:
- add file write support to kernel
- port uIP or lwIP
- add support for multiple disks
- native TCP/IP