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Re: [atd-developers] Re: jQuery Plugin Redesign Needed

Ian Turner Mar 16, 2012 5:11 AM
Posted in group: AtD Developers
All credit to your selfless enthusiasm! That's a month more experience than me, so that makes you the expert around here.

I'm doing exactly the same as you - this is for a live project at work, and I have a number of styles and types of input form in my project that I can test this on.

What you say sounds like a good plan - an extensive list of defects would be a good start. I've started on that list of enhancements - a really high level view at the moment and I'm just logging them as I see them - I would expect they'll be given no more weight than anyone else's requests.

Looks like we're agreed then - something along the lines of $(<jquery selector>).AtDProofRead({ options as json object }) would be my aim. I also agree, in terms of consistency, that the re-design should aim for complete transparency in terms of architecture and coding style with other plugins and other AtD modules.

Ditto on the collaboration front, should be fun! I think, having looked at the competition and being wowed by the server technology, this could (will!) be an awesome plugin.

- Ian