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3D Scanning Tonight

BlackTalon Oct 9, 2012 7:55 AM
Posted in group: Arch Reactor
I am bringing all the pieces of the 3D Scanner tonight.  I fully intended to finish the turntable this past weekend but I was out sick.  That being said I need some help this evening pulling all the pieces together. 

I have the software installed and working and I am bringing it and the kinnect along with the motor and spring loaded bracket.

Here is what I need help on.

1. Attach the Motor to turntable.  For this I need to attach the motor to a spring loaded bracket that will keep the drive motor against the turntable.  I have worked out the spring loaded bracket I just need to work out the attachment to the motor and the base.

2. Power.  We know we can drive the motor with the workbench power supply and I propose we do that for this time.  I need to run a powerline to a switch that we can turn on and off at the computer about 6 feet away.

3. Change ReconstructMe settings to do a 3D standing model.  As it turns out there is a configuration file for this so I can change the settings for it.  I would like to automate the Meshlab cleanup steps into an automated command line macro so we can quickly clean the image.  I believe I have examples of how to do this.

4. Paint it Black - This was going to be a nice to have.  I think I have to drop this one if we want to be ready.

So can anyone help me get this all ready?