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Prom decorations build this evening and Saturday details

kwalta Sep 26, 2012 2:42 PM
Posted in group: Arch Reactor
Come one come all... 
  • blowing up balloons, tying them off to construct arch and towers, storing them in the 55gal trash bags for safe keeping until Saturday
  • Light up standing prom lady
  • Fix zee broken letterpress for demo
  • Tracing logo, cutting it out and painting
  • Preparing the glowing tubs to be hung
  • Drawing "What Do You Want To Learn/Teach" banner
  • Testing eyefi photography display
I'll be at 2720 by 1pm to start setup. You can come meet me at 2720 or swing by AR to pick up what will probably bags and bags full of balloons. I need some help hanging artwork, balloon sculptury, stringing lights, setting up seating, bar area, and the demos section. It shouldn't take more than a few hours.

We also need a volunteer to be at the door with one of 2720's people when letting people in during the event. If we have a group of people willing to do this then we can cycle so no one has to stay out of the party long.

Prom starts at 8, so those of you who have volunteered/submittedtomynagging demos please come early to setup your table/area. If there's any specific needs you have (electrical, table space, flyers, etc) let me know here so I can make sure you're covered.

I thought we could combine this with the "What do you want to learn" section of the demos. Those who have neat projects they're working on or a class, have some flyers/info/photographs available in this area for people to take.