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Re: Neils! Nice job on the solder station!

nfolken Aug 30, 2012 4:03 PM
Posted in group: Arch Reactor

No pictures, as I'm out of town for a while, but here's a quick guide:

Power cord in the back. The outlet I was going to plug it into doesn't have power (is that going to be fixed?), so it needs to be moved or have an extension cord run to it.

The switch turns on the exhaust fans. Originally they were just going to pull air in through the movable tube, but the fans (120mm case fans) don't create much pressure when flow is constrained so much. When not constrained they pull a lot of air, so I put in a big vent on the wall that I think works very well, as long as you are working near the back of the table. If you want to use the hose, cover the vent with the magnetic sheet and you will get more pressure in the hose.

Right now the fans are pulling the air through some Home Depot FPR 8 filters, as they claim to filter out smoke, but Ryan informed me to really get the dangerous heavy metals out we would need to use an Activated Charcoal filter. I'm still looking for one. The slot it needs to fit in is 5.5"x32.5"

I've put my good soldering iron there, and it is not to be removed! Feel free to use it, but please take good care of it.

On Thursday, August 30, 2012 5:28:39 AM UTC-5, Deech wrote:
If you haven't got the chance, be sure to check out the soldering station that Neils built. 
It was originally one of my projects, but Neils asked to run with it (because I was taking too damn long) and he did a fantastic job. :)

Neils, you should take some pictures of it and do a quick write up. It'll look good on the site and other people will be interested in how you did it.