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Wireless Cameras for the Space

BlackTalon Oct 4, 2012 9:15 AM
Posted in group: Arch Reactor
If I purchase 4 IP Wireless cameras for the space, are we willing to put these in all areas of our space not just the dirty shop?

Here is what I am thinking of buying

These are WIFI enabled cameras with pan/tilt and 2 way audio (at least for windows).  They have an integrated web interface and both an administration mode and a user mode.  They can be programmed to run a pattern and only record when there is motion.  The output can be directed to a server of your choosing or to the cloud.

I am thinking these could serve a dual purpose.  The user mode could be used as Tele-presence devices.  The device logs who connects to it and that can be sent to a server too.  We can scan the logs for who is connected and put the name up on a display at the front of the room.

My next idea for added security?  Dogs and Bazookas!