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Re: (Arch Reactor) Wireless Cameras for the Space

Chris Oct 5, 2012 9:05 AM
Posted in group: Arch Reactor
I too don't agree with that ruling, and I suspect it'll be appealed
again and eventually overturned. Half their argument is that the cell
phone "ping" is a public broadcast that can be tracked, and it kind of
is, but the GPS data is not.  it's protected under a service contract
with the cell provider, and the cops need to have a warrant to get it
turned on without the owners approval.  If they had used some method,
say a physical sighting and a radio sniffer that could uniquely
signature the phone, then tracked it, that would be a different story
and would fully fit what they are arguing.  But it's not.

I think they only reason they are upholding it is that they only used
it to find him and he happened to be with the goods.  They seemed to
have enough evidence on him already, a proper warrant should not have
been an issue.

I'm not against wireless cams, but I don't see any benefit to public
broadcast except at events.  thre are certainly other security/safety
issue with it, like having the whole world know you are alone at the