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David Reitter Oct 24, 2015 12:53 PM
Posted in group: aquamacs-devel
Aquamacs has a new Git repository, available as “aquamacs-emacs” on Github in the same location as the previous one.

The Aquamacs development history 2005-2015 is not part of it.

The reason for the loss of the development history lies in the changeover of GNU Emacs from Bzr to Git in late 2014, which was not done based on the official Git mirror, but a complete new conversion.  Despite seeking and receiving help from Eric Raymond, who was responsible for the conversion of Emacs, we have been unable to transfer the Aquamacs history.  I tried to do this, attempting various compromises.  Now, we have to move on, as changes in OS X “El Capitan” and associated libraries force updates to Aquamacs.

The outcome is disappointing.  We have disconnected the histories.  But at least we can move on.

You will experience from issues if you try to “git pull” from the repository.  Depending on your situation, a new “git clone” will be easiest.

I have merged Aquamacs against the new Emacs 25 under development.  This required much work over the last weeks, and I still think we are many bugs and problems away from a usable version.

I cannot predict a timeline for development.  If you allow me a personal note: I am in a different situation than I was 11 years ago, when I started Aquamacs.  I have grants to write, graduate students to feed, papers to publish, on top of strategic and administrative responsibilities.  And while the thought of users out there is motivating, I cannot help but say that the Emacs internals of C and Lisp are how software development is or should be done in 2015.  I’m going to try to do my best under the circumstances to move Aquamacs to Emacs 25.

Dr. David Reitter
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