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Re: [aprsfi] Google warns that rate limits, overage fees are coming to Maps API

Heikki Hannikainen Oct 28, 2011 2:58 AM
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On Fri, 28 Oct 2011, Arnie Shore wrote:

> Hessu, I understand the work going into a conversion - believe me, I'm looking at
> converting our application in order to get out from under their TOU - but what's your
> thoughts re a conversion to OSM/OL?

I guess I'll have to try it, but it means a lot of work and loosing some
features. Here's a cut and paste from my previous email last night:

Switching to OpenStreetMaps would be one option, but that'd mean loosing
Street View, Google's satellite and aerial imagery, the Terrain view,
Traffic and Bicycle overlays, and Google's very good address search, and
some other nice features like pretty good coverage in the Finnish
countryside where OSM doesn't yet shine. Not to mention that "Switching"
is not the correct word - it would require me to rewrite a lot of code to
get things running again, as the real-time map is very much written around
the good Google Maps Javascript v3 API (no matter where the actual map
images come from).

The Google Maps v3 API has also been optimized heavily for speed and
compatibility with mobile devices. I'm not quite sure OpenLayers matches
it in regards to speed, mobile device and browser compatibility, or
features. The only way to really find out is to try it out.

   - Hessu