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Re: [Ankidroid] Re: How can I sell my deck and keep it from illegal copying?

Clemens M. Hürten Mar 26, 2012 2:12 AM
Posted in group: AnkiDroid
Hi Nicolas!

I have been very busy, so my answer is delayed. First I want to thank all programmers, contributors etc. who have created Anki and AnkiDroid, because I have learned playfully and easy all the stuff for my examination (1. part in writing form) and I did pass it well!

Concerning your first mark:
The Supermemo UX feature is not a special feature, but a separate program, which can not easy be found on their website. I checked it now and did not find it anymore. About 1 year ago, I had a corrspondence with them, as I was interested in buying that »Supermemo-UX Authoring Software«. The conditions were not acceptable and too expensive for me. Further I would not be allowed to sell my own "authored" Supermemo Courses together with the free downloadable version of Supermemo UX. So my customers could only get the course from me and then seperately had to download Supermemo UX from their website.

The only good thing on that authoring software is, that the course is packed with Supermemo's own compression algorithm and it will be extracted on runtime of Supermemo UX, when the customer has loaded the course and typed in its licence code. By this, no user is able to access the course in plain text and do some export of content or copying etc. - And this is exactly the feature, which I would like to have in Ankidroid and why I started this thread.

Another problem is, that Supermemo people have promised an android version about two years ago and they did not offer one til today!

Concerning your second mark:
As the other contributors in this thread already did answer: Yes, I do not want to keep the Anki deck for myself but I want to sell the deck to other students. My first requests among other students showed, that they were willing to pay more than 50 Euro for this course.
As I am not familiar with coding / programming etc. I will not create a specialized version of Anki / Ankidroid with my deck integrated in it. And as I am a very critical user of Google (due to their collecting and exploiting of personal data of their users), I am not interested to distribute anything via "Google App Market" or "Google Play"

Now I can follow one of two strategies:
I can sell it at 50 Euro and thinking, that someone, who has payed the pretty sum of 50 Euros will have a feeling for the worth of the deck and thus he will not be willing to give it away for nothing or for copying. I think, that the legal owner does not need the deck anymore, when he has successfully passed the examination and then he will perhaps sell the deck for nearly the same price, but he will not give it away for free or as a copy.

On the other and, I could sell it at 5 Euro or 10 Euro. But then I think, people will not see the worth in that deck and so they will be more easy tend to copy and distribute it. The price then should be so low, that copying is more work intensive, than the price. But my deck is not for the mass market and will be of interest for a very small and very interested target group, so that such a low price would let people think, that the quality of my deck will be unacceptable.

What is your oppinion to this marketing problem?

Kind regards

Am Samstag, 17. März 2012 10:46:12 UTC+1 schrieb Nicolas Raoul:
Hi Clemens,

1) Could you please provide a link to the description of this
SuperMemo feature? I could not find anything like this.

2) Do you want to keep your decks just for yourself? If you do not
choose to explicitly share a deck, then it stays just on your
computers (and on the Anki server if you use sync, but it will not be
found in the "Shared decks" list).

Nicolas Raoul

On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 5:47 PM, Matt D <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't believe any such feature is planned.  Anki decks are just sqlite
> databases so there's no easy way to stop people from copying them.
>  Copy-protection like that would require some sort of centralised control to
> do right, and there's no clear pay-off in that work for the developers of
> Anki and Ankidroid.  It doesn't surprise me that you need to pay a lot for
> the Supermemo version that can do the same.
> Of course, Anki and Ankidroid are open source, so if you're keen you can try
> implementing something and getting it into libanki..
> Cheers,
> - Matthew
> On Saturday, 17 March 2012 00:22:45 UTC+9, Clemens_1 wrote:
>> Hi
>> as I mentioned in my postings before, I have created a deck with more than
>> 700 items. And there are not only Q&A or multiple choice etc. in it, but
>> there are explanations to each of the offered multiple choice answers, why
>> one is right and another answer will be wrong. It took me pretty hard work,
>> to write all this and so the file size of the deck is more than 10 MB.
>> So I do not want to share it without any money and so I want to protect
>> this file against illegal copy. If AnkiDroid and Anki would offer such a
>> feature of copy protecting decks, I would of course pay license fee to the
>> developers of Anki / AnkiDroid!
>> Supermemo UX does contain a copy protect feature, if you buy the authoring
>> version, which is very expensive (unrealistic). I am very happy with
>> AnkiDroid, especially because of the non dependency of platform.
>> Is there a feature planned for copy protection of decks in future
>> versions? And if not, how can I protect my decks on my own?
>> Kind regards
>> Clemens
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