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Re: Touch Screen problem in Blaze

Luccio Apr 25, 2012 7:51 AM
Posted in group: android-porting
you have to enable the touchscreen from the  _deconfig file which you find in /arch/arm/configs.
is your device a usb touchscreen ?

Best Regards.

Le mardi 24 avril 2012 07:09:01 UTC+2, Mamatha K a écrit :

Dear All,
        I am new to android and working on Touch screen porting on
blaze board.
The problem I am facing is,
       When the kernel is up the touch screen event can be seen, but
as soon as android is booted, the touch event are not seen.

Then I analyzed and got to know that the android is disabling the
touch screen module.
So what I did is, once the android boots, I again insmod the touch
screen module and I can see that it is working.

So I want to know what is happening when the android boots up and how
this problem can be rectified through android?

Kindly help.

Thanks and Regards,
Mamatha K