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Android 4.2 JB MR1 Bluetooth

Pavan Savoy Nov 13, 2012 2:55 PM
Posted in group: android-platform
Hello Google Gurus,

I see that BT on 4.2 JB MR has introduced a new stack called bluedroid, and understand a lot of code is from broadcom, So I have these basic questions :-

1. Is bluedroid the way forward ? Or will the vendors have option to switch to BlueZ ? 
I see even packages/apps/Bluetooth.apk JNI only looks up to bluetooth.default (i.e bluedroid) & NOT to legacy libbluedroid (system/bluetooth) - Why ?

2. Why was the decision taken to move away from BlueZ ?
Is the decision technical ? What is that which you found in BRCM stack which was missing in BlueZ?
Previously there were strong suggestions NOT to have proprietary stacks for technologies since they introduce a LOT of fragmentation in Android - Which I am guessing Google guys don't want.

3. Seeing that no new APIs have been introduced, nor the framework seems to be updated, Any plans for BLE in near future ?
Or new profiles.

4. Please let us know if there is any documentation for platform developers to port this stack to rest of the world BT vendors.
i.e What are the basic implementation required for ?
If we get most profiles working in 2 functions (op BT_VND_OP_POWER_CTRL & faking success BT_VND_OP_FW_CFG) Is that good enough ?

--Pavan Savoy