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Re: NFC Secure Element

nemik Jan 20, 2011 1:01 PM
Posted in group: Android Developers
Sorry for not replying in a while, been very busy with projects at

I posted my diff's to enable the Nexus S to emulate an NFC tag. The
links are below: for;a=summary
and for;a=summary

These are just based on the on the open source, plain vanilla Android
Gingerbread codebase. If you patch it with the diffs above, you can
build the OS, upload the images to the phone's bootloader (make sure
to unlock the bootloader first) and then see it for yourself.

It is pretty badly broken and this is just to prove that it can kinda
work, I hacked it up pretty hard.

Also, I added a lot of LOGD()'s in the NFC app's JNI so I could see
what was going on when trying things out on the phone so I could read
it when doing an 'adb logcat' on the computer with the phone attached
over USB.

Have fun!

On Jan 17, 9:11 pm, Ajith Kamath <> wrote:
> I still dont have nexus s but there is a high probability that its Embedded
> Yes Keys are private and most likely needs to be provided by Service
> Provider. The same thing has been mentioned in nokia forum
> But I am not sure  how this will be done for nexus S.(may be there are ties
> with Service Provider)
> If anyone can explain OTA agent and its communication with TSM, it would be
> very helpful. Since this too is not clear (w.r.t android)
> Regards,
> Ajith
> On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 5:41 AM, Dominik <> wrote:
> > According to the NXP documentation of PN544, three SE variants are
> > supported:
> > - SIM Card (via UICC)
> > - Embedded (SmartMX security chip)
> > - SD Card
> > Do you know which version is intended to be used by the Nexus S
> > device?
> > The above messages describe attempts to enable SmartMX. As soon as
> > access to this SE is possible:
> > Which keys do you use to access the SE? Such keys should be private
> > and not generally be known.
> > I am at a loss.
> > - Dominik