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Needed- noise-abuse shen

Emily Cummins Feb 9, 1995 8:06 PM
Posted in group: alt.shenanigans
John Losey ( wrote:
: Steeve McCauley ( wrote:
: : Emily Cummins ( wrote:
: : ps.  Did you choose your login name?
: : +--------------------------------------------------------------------+
: I think that she must have.  

Just to stop this thread now (I've mailed some people individually):
        NO!  It was a shen from the login paradigm of my year (all
        Class of '95 at Wake Forest Undergrad have as login first
        six letters of last name then first two initials... my name
        is Mary Emily Cummins...  I know; it's horrible.  I
        appreciate your sympathy.  At least my infamy will die when
        I graduate!!!