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Are Atheists Uncharitable, Or Are They Disorganized?

The Grand Disequivocator Aug 2, 1998 12:00 AM
Posted in group: alt.religion
Whenver the atheists are challenged for their evident failure to under-
take organized good works, such as feeding the poor, adopting orphans,
or whatnot, they always bring out the copout that "atheism is not an
organization, and there is no need for people who don't have a belief
to organize."

Evidently doing good is not sufficient reason for them to organize.

Perhaps we are to assume that atheists do significant charitable deeds
as individuals.  But how do we know?  Where's the evidence?  We don't
want to go believing something without evidence now, do we?

Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence of atheists doing evil, or just
being anal.  We know this, because for these purposes they *do* get
organized.  Witness Communism, and the American Atheists.

But of course, for the activities of the religious, the atheists have
an entirely different standard.  Whenever oganized religion sinks to
the same level as organized atheism, this is a point agianst religion
in favor of atheism.  But the constructive acts of religious organi-
zations are ignored.  I think the atheists would gladly make a big
deal of their own large-scale charities, if they had any.  But they
clearly don't or else they wouldn't be reduced to the "not an organi-
zation" dodge.

Of course, organizaed religion sometimes does things almost as barbaric
as does organized atheism.  But at least religion has a good side.  All
atheism has is a lame excuse.

Disorganization is not a virtue.  A claim to not be organized is
nothing more than a way to evade responsibility.  Rather cowardly,
wouldn't you say?