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New forms of entrism

mmcdon Nov 13, 1999 12:00 AM
Posted in group: alt.politics.socialism.trotsky
Geoff Collier <> wrote in article
> Sorry comrade but I still don't understand this system. We had a list
> for the European parliamentary elections and I voted for the Socialist
> Labour Party list. There was no opportunity to vote for anybody as an
> individual. Is your system different ?

The system used in Britain for the European elections was a "closed list"
system, while the one used in Belgium is an "open list" system. The
difference essentially boils down to being able to choose individual
candidates from a list, without endorsing the entire slate. Large political
parties mostly hate "open list" electoral systems, as the electorate have a
nasty habit of choosing candidates the party would rather quietly sideline.
I'm sure somebody on uk.politics.electoral will give you a fuller
description if you're really interested.
Is mise le meas,
Brian Cahill