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ISRAEL: Track-Record Of Israel's Secret Un-Hindered Nuclear Programme & Stockpile

Ras Mikaere Enoch Mc Carty Feb 3, 2012 11:40 PM
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In 1963 John Fitzerald Kennedy Was Embroiled In
A Bitter Secret Conflict With Israel Leader David
Ben-Gurion over Israel's Drive To The Atomic Bomb.  
Ben-Gurion resigned In Disgust, Saying That
Because Of J.F.K., Israel's "existence (was) in
danger".  Upon J.F.K.'s Assassination, U.S. Policy
Toward Israel Began An Immediate 180-degree
Turnaround.  The Fact Is That When New Orleans
District Attorney Jim Garrison Prosecuted Trade
Executive Clay Shaw With Conspiracy In The
Assassination, Garrison Has Stumbled On The
MOSSAD Link -- Shaw Served On The Board Of
PERMINDEX, A Front For MOSSAD Arms Procurement
Operations.  A Key PERMINDEX Shareholder,
The Swiss-Based Banque De Credit Internationale,
Was The Fiefdom Of Tibor Rosenbaum, A Top MOSSAD
Official, And Chief Money Laundry For Meyer
Lansky, "Chairman" Of The Crime Syndicate And
Israeli Loyalist.  The CEO Of PERMINDEX Was
Louis Bloomfield Of Montreal, An Operative Of
The Bronfman Family, Intimate Lansky Associates
And Leading Patrons Of Israel.  
James Angleton, The C.I.A.'s MOSSAD Liaison, Was
A Devoted Partisan Of Israel Who Orchestrated A
False Scenario Linking Accused Assassin Lee Harvey
Oswald To The Soveit KGB.  Even "mainstream"
Organised Crime Sources Note That Leading
"Mafia" Figures Accused Of Being Behind The
Assassination Were Lansky Subordinates.  Perhaps
Oliver Stone Failed To Mention These Details In
The Movie:  JFK -- Because His Film Was Financed
By Aron Milchan, An Israeli Arms Dealer Linked To
Smuggling Of Material To Israel's Nuclear Program
-- The Point Of Contention Between J.F.K. And

My Own Investigation Into The Assassination Of
J.F.K. And Reggae Singer Bob Marley, Yet To Be
Fully Up-Dated To Reflect The Above Information:

Anti-Nuclear Efforts Of Greenpeace NZ:

The Book ---> 'Death Of The Rainbow Warrior'
                Michael King
                ISBN: 0-14-009738-4

Page: 192

"Next agent to evade the New Zealand police was
Christine Cabon, alias Frederique Bonlieu,
working on an American-supervised evacuation
at Pardes Hanna near Tel Aviv.  According to
the Israeli police, the telegram from the
New Zealand police asking them to hold Bonlieu
for questioning by a New Zealand detective
arrived the same day, 25 July, as another
telegram from France.  The French message,
which Cabon received first, told her to
return home at once because her father was
critically ill.  An American student working
on the excavaton with Bonlieu said the
Frenchwoman came into her dormitory looking
pale and anxious, and announced that she
had to leave for France immediately.  She
flew out of Israel the following day.

In fact, of course, her father was already
dead.  The telegram was a coded message from
the DSGE warning her to leave Israel before
the New Zealand police got to her. That she
received it before the Israeli police acted
on the request from New Zealand raises a
strong possibility that they co-operated in
her escape. Given that she had worked
previously for the Israeli Secret Service,
this would not be surprising."

February, 2011

New Zealand's Labour Party Leader,
Phil Goff stated:

" What was the Israeli search and rescue team
  doing in an area where it wasn't allowed to be? "

" The suspicion is that this is a cover-up to
  avoid embarrassing Israel."

              ISRAEL !

Larry Silverstein (Bldg. 7) Sept. 11, 2001

September 11, 2001 (9-11)

(Suppressed By Israeli MOSSAD For 10 Years)
Finally Released Audio Of Fire Fighters In Building 7
Alex Jones  and his Archived Radio Show
Note - 32 Minutes Into Program

Ras Mikaere Enoch Mc Carty    
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