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Re: Hows all the little ferts out there

Bill Leary Apr 14, 2012 10:30 AM
Posted in group: alt.pets.ferrets
"FerretDad"  wrote in message
> Bill Leary wrote:
>> I moved my office from the front of my house to the back.  The three
>> ferrets
>> got the old office.  About five by ten feet.  They've been in ferret
>> heaven.
>> I put their cage in there, a multi-level cat lounge, and a couple of
>> boxes.
>> They've been climbing and jumping and running about like they're all kits
>> again.
> I can just imagine! Ferret heaven for them.  I let mine out when I get
> home.  I used to leave them out for the whole nights and weekends as
> they were litter trained. Lately though they don't "go" were they are
> supposed to if I leave them out long time.  I can't have that here.
> So now,  I come home and feed them lightly (just a snack), then I'll let
> them out to play for about an hour.  During this time, they WILL use the
> litter papers.  After an hour, they tire and will sleep in their secret
> places.  If I let them do that, they will pee/poop in the wrong places
> later.  So I put them back in cage after an hour.  I'll let them out again
> later for the same hour.
> I wish ferrets were like could leave them out all the time
> with
> no bathroom issues.  They love to be out but I just can't have accidents
> on
> a daily basis.

Some years ago I gave up trying to litter train them.  In the cage, they
pick their own spots and trying to put in litter boxes never much helped.
When I did, they usually slept in the litter boxes and messed on the other
side of the cage.  Switch the box side to side and so did they.  So I
switched to absorbent bedding and just let them pick their spots and clean
up as necessary.  When I used to let them out to play, I just cleaned up
after them.  Now that they have their own room, I just clean up from time to
time.  Linoleum is very handy in this effort.

    - Bill