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Re: Hello ferret parents

steve robinson Sep 4, 2011 6:20 AM
Posted in group: alt.pets.ferrets
Gary wrote:

> steve robinson wrote:
> >
> > FerretDad wrote:
> >
> > > Nothing much to say except my 2 girls are healthy and doing
> > > fine.
> > >
> > > Time now for the hand feeding of warm gravy meal.  Spoiled
> > > creatures.  Then let them romp around the house for the evening.
> > >
> > >   :-D
> > >
> > > Ps - one friend wrote me this morning and said HI to my squeaky
> > > creatures.  I wrote him back and told him that they rarely
> > > squeak.  They are more like furry mimes.  eheheh  ;)
> >
> > I like that, my little buggers have just started drawing blood
> > again, they didnt like the taste of me for a short while
> Good to hear from you, Steve.  So tell your kids bite too
> hard in play or are they a bit wild since you sometimes keep them
> outside...and just bite you as a natural instinct?  (ie - a
> defensive bite?)

They bite hard in play but they are a little wild too , stopped
biting me for a while late last year and earlier this  year which i
thought strange, they must have realised that i was ill (even before
i did)

In july the started ripping into me again, when i went to the
hospital for more tests i told the doctor that i thought i was in
remission  he laughed when i told him the ferrets had taken blood
samples before him

Their diagnosis was correct

I tasted like daddy again
> Jackie never bites me hard unless I put her AND my hand underneath a
> blanket. I don't know how this game started but it started when she
> was very young.  She knows now that that is the time she is allowed
> to bite as hard as she can....on the heel of my hand. She will " go
> for it" too at that time.  She will lick, then bite hard and
> sometimes even shake her head back and forth as to tear off a chunk
> of my hand. eheheh  Naturally, I let her do this and just grit my
> teeth as it can get a bit painful sometimes.  She never bites other
> than that situation.
> Mia will often play-bite me when I scruff her up (play hard with
> her).  It's just very gentle play-biting though.