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Re: Slack 14.0 CD won't load!

Kirk_Von_Rockstein Jul 21, 2013 2:43 AM
Posted in group: alt.os.linux.slackware
On 2013-07-20, Michael Black <> wrote:

> Henrik mentions the "-boot-load-size 32".
> I think even on my 2003 1GHz computer, I had to use the smartbootmanager
> program (I forget the exact name but it used to be on the SLackware
> release, somewhere) to boot from the CD or DVD.  Put the bootmanager on
> a floppy disk, and then boot from the floppy disk, which in turn allowed
> one to boot from the DVD.

yeah...sbootmgr.dsk was the file name.
cd into directory where sbootmgr.dsk resides.
dd if=sbootmgr.dsk of=/dev/fd0
to put image file on floppy.

Plop Boot Manager would work also.

If OP does not have a FD on system,
he could boot image either via Grub,
Lilo etc on his existing system
by copying the sbootmgr.dsk or plpbt.bin
to /boot directory for example and edit
Lilo or Grub conf files accordingly.
Can not remember the stanzas for Lilo.

Grub Legacy Example:

title PLoP Boot Manager
root (hd0,1)
kernel (hd0,1)/boot/plpbt.bin

title Smart Boot Manager
kernel (hd0,1)/boot/memdisk.bin
initrd (hd0,1)/boot/sbootmgr.dsk

> This was an issue, and for a long time Slackware used some old standard so
> old hardware could boot the disk.  Then eventually that was changed (I
> forget at which release) so we had to boot other ways with old hardware,
> or get new hardware.
> This is hazy because I can't fully remember, but I'm pretty sure I had to
> use the smart boot manager until I moved to this 3GHz computer last
> OCtober.
> It has something to do with the BIOS not being able to read larger boot
> images or something, it was discussed on the changelog at one point, was
> discussed here, but years back so I can't remember details.
> You could move the needed things to a USB flash drive, boot from that
> (assuming your computer can boot from USB) then once the installer gets
> going, point it to the pacakges on the DVD, and that should work.
>    Michael