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Re: New York Blade: Lesbian gang wrong to attack over verbal assault

Bailey Legull Sep 6, 2006 10:24 AM
Posted in group: alt.gossip.celebrities
No 33 Secretary wrote:

> Spit can, indeed, be a deadly weapon.

That's why the Blade defending this guy doesn't make sense.

New York is trying to make it a felony for prison inmates to spit on
guards.  "[Prison guards wonder] if they'll bring home hepatitis, HIV
or tuberculosis to their families," an assemblyman said.  (Cite: )

Missouri has also introduced a similar bill.  "The bill would allow
Class D felony charges - punishable by up to four years in prison - for
inmates who expose others to bodily fluids."  (Cite: )

But now folks want to claim it's no big deal to spit on lesbians on the

Spitting is an assault, and frankly I think it's offensive to quibble
over the VICTIMS' right to retaliate.  They could punch the guy?  Hit
him with their handbags?  Stabbing him, though, is just flat-out wrong?

You worry about over-reacting the next time somebody attacks YOU while
you're minding your own business on a New York street.