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Pentium & soundcards **was** Re: DOOM & Ensoniq SoundScape problem

Mick J Hellstrom Dec 20, 1994 2:02 PM
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On 19 Dec 1994, William Smargiassi wrote:
> In article <3d1mv4$>, (Forest Pearson) says:
> >If you have the IRQ set to 7 (as on old soundblasters) there usually
> >shouldn't be a problem because most people do not try to print and play
> >games at the same time!!!
> I didn't buy a Pentium to play games (I bought it because a 486-50 will
> seem pretty slow in 12 months, a 66MHz might last a little longer...).
> I may not play games while I print, but I *do* use sound in Windows,
> and guess what...I print from Windows as well! Imagine that. What
> a novel idea, a Pentium, a CD-ROM and a sound card and I don't just
> want to play Doom. If that's all I wanted, I'd buy a Jaguar and save
> about $1,000 (or more, I don't know what a good Jaguar setup will cost).

So what you're trying to say here Willy, is that you bought your PC not
to play games.... who cares? This is an newsgroup where
most of the people here have bought PCs to play DOOM on. Mind you there's
no point buying a Pentium for playing DOOM, I have a 486DX2-66 with a
VESA Local Bus #9 64 bit GXEPro and the video is as smooth as a baby's
bottom. No need whatsoever to upgrade to a Pentium.

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