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Bhavani Jan 27, 2012 2:28 AM
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On Jan 24, 12:34 pm, Psmith <> wrote:
> I like the zen joke on page 412.  Only two days until page 420.

The Harmonica Academy Marching Band and school reminds me of a
favorite Dylanism from Visions of Johanna:

"The harmonica plays the skeleton keys in the rain" and of a blog I
recently posted mentioning Bob's harmonica playing.

Years ago I saw Dylan perform at Jones Beach on Long Island.  When he
picked up his harp and played the first note the crowd went crazy like
they might for a Hendrix solo or something.  Why?  He's not that
technically proficient.  The first time Dylan recorded for a label it
was harmonica, on a Carolyn Hester recording methinks. According to
one of his songs, he first got regular gigs onstage in the Village
clubs by playing harmonica.  Perhaps that only served his self-created
mythos??  Dylan, and the Beatles (less so), introduced harmonica to
popular music.

John Hammond told me a story that Dylan once called him up in NY from
LA .  He told John that he was going to tour Japan soon and needed a
new harmonica holder and that John was the only one he knew who had
the proper kind, and that he didn't know where else to get one.  John
said that he had an extra that Dylan could have, but that he was
leaving for Europe the next afternoon.  Dylan put someone on a red-eye
who showed up at Hammond's house the next day and procured the
harmonica holder.